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Seraphim 330 W (Double Glass)

SKU: SER-330

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The Seraphim 330 W is a glass-glass module. This has several advantages, including fewer microcracks and snail tracks. The panel consists of 120 monocrystalline perc cells and has a maximum efficiency of 19% under STC. This stands for “Standard Test Conditions,” a worldwide standard for testing solar panels. This module is suitable for 1500V PV installations.

Glass-glassinstead of a certain type of plastic used for a backing sheet, there will be a second layer of glass. This second layer of glass, replacing the back sheet, is located at the back of the module. Time along with certain weather conditions can allow moisture to seep through the back and damage solar cells. A silver paste is also used to conduct electricity. This, along with the moisture and various chemical reactions, can lead to oxidation. Resulting in the visual slag traces and reduction in performance.Micro-cracks may occur during production, transportation or installation. For example, these can grow larger due to weather conditions and cause problems, reducing power. Glass reinforced by heat treatment is stronger than ordinary backsheets and does not allow moisture to penetrate, greatly reducing the risk of micro-cracks or worse.

Half cells


The Seraphim 330 W has 120 monocrystalline cells using PERC technology. Half cells result in higher solar panel efficiency. This has two sides. On the one hand, the panel experiences less electrical resistance. The more distance electricity has to travel, the more resistance It meets and loss It takes. The less distance traveled, the lower the loss will be. Half cells are twice as small, resulting in less distance to travel. However, it has to do with shading. In normal panels, when the shadow hits half of the module, because of the layout, the whole module will generate less power. A half cell module has the panel divided into two halves, where if one half is shaded, only that half will provide less power. The other half are not affected.



PERC, or Passivated Emitter Rear Cell, is a technology in which a non-conductive, reflective layer is applied to the back of solar cells. Cells do not capture all sunlight. Some pass through or are lost as heat due to the conductive backing. The addition of this non-conductive reflective layer prevents much energy loss through heat, but also ensures that light is reflected back into the cell to be absorbed and converted into energy.


Brand Seraphim
Manufacturer Seraphim
Country of manufacture China
Quantity per pallet 30 pcs
Warranty in years 15
Power 330 Wp
Backsheet Glass-Glass
Panel type Window film
Number of cells 120
Frame color Black
Glass with anti-reflection coating Yes
Number of bypass diodes 3
Switch type EVO2
Length (mm) 1720
Width (mm) 1008
Height (mm) 30
Weight (kg) 22.50


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