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0% VAT on solar panels

Please note that because the 0% VAT scheme on solar panels is new and many things are still unclear, this page will be regularly updated with new information. 

In what situations can 0% VAT on solar panels be used?

The 0% VAT rate applies to the supply and installation of solar panels on or near a home. This includes, for example, a shed, garage, conservatory or addition. For example, when an Owners Association buys solar panels for an apartment complex, 0% VAT also applies. 
For other work, such as a possible reinforcement of the roof or installation of a heat pump, the 21% VAT rate will continue to apply.

Which products are subject to 0% VAT?

0% VAT applies to the supply of complete solar energy systems connected to the grid. Thus, autonomous solar energy systems are not included. In addition to the solar panels, the 0% VAT rate also applies to cables, mounting hardware, inverters, optimizers and materials you need in the meter box to connect the system.
Please note that 0% VAT does not apply if you purchase some of these components separately. The components should be part of a complete solar energy system purchased in its entirety.

How can I purchase a solar panel system from you with 0% VAT?

Because it is important that the solar panel system be placed on or near a home, this must be proven. Thus, applying the 0% VAT rate will always be on an offer basis, because without having had contact with you we cannot determine where the solar panels will be installed.

Ordering is as follows:

  • You send us an e-mail clearly describing the components you wish to order and the address at which the system will be placed. You may wish to attach a screenshot of the shopping cart. 
  • You will receive a quotation from us that includes the relevant products and a 0% VAT rate. The offer also specifies the terms of the scheme. We consult the BAG register to verify that the property at the address you provide has a residential function. 
  • You agree to the quotation, after which we create the order for you. You will automatically receive an order confirmation, invoice and payment link.
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